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Tours To Easter Island From Santiago Chile

Tours To Easter Island From Santiago Chile

LATAM flies to Easter Island, with flights operating between Santiago, Chile and. VC130 Tours Visiting Easter island Santiago de Chile and the Lakes District.
Arrival in Santiago & City Tour. Day 1. Casablanca Valley. Day 2. Flight to Rapa Nui & Easter Island. Day 3. Anakena & the Lost Rapa Nui Culture. Day 4. Orongo, Tangata Manu Ceremonial Center. Day 5. Ahu Akivi. Day 6. Departure from Easter Island. Day 7. Depart from Santiago. Day 8.
Known officially as Rapa Nui, chances are you know this Polynesian island in the South Pacific as Easter Island (or Isla de Pascua in Spanish). The island was .
Easter Island Tours – Visit the ruins and ancient culture of Eastern Island.. Fly from Santiago, Chile, and spend 5 days discovering the ancient history and .
Santiago, Atacama, and Easter Island, $2,629, 11 Days, You will experience three of Chile's most popular destinations on this tour. Santiago is one…
This tour combines Santiago with Easter Island. Santiago is one of South America's most modern cities, with excellent restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.
Easter Island is a volcanic island belonging to Chile and located in the middle of the. to be taken to Easter Island airport from where you will return to Santiago.
This seven-day Santiago to Easter Island Tour takes you from the sophisticated capital to the mysterious islands, two of Chile's most popular destinations.
Tours in Easter island Chile or Rapa Nui. Vacations travel packages, Tours, Hotels bookings and reservations. Excursions and all types of activities in this .
Chile and Easter Island Private Expedition. Explore the fascinating capital of Santiago and the sparkling Chilean coast with a private guide, and spend time in .

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