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Essential Oils For Soy Candle Making

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Essential Oils For Soy Candle Making

Not all essential oils are good to add into your candles. See what the best essential oils for soy candle making are and how to use them and the soy safely.
Adding essential oils like lavender or lemongrass can give your soy candles a clean, natural scent. Because soy wax is simple to work with, easy to melt,.
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Sometimes at the end of the day all we want to do is light a nice smelling candle and relax. But who wants one.
The key to a properly scented candle is to ensure you use the correct ratio of fragrance oil to soy wax. Most waxes will hold no more than 12% fragrance oil .
I have never used soy wax for candles, I always use parrafin wax or paraffin oil with. What percentage of essential oils to soy candle wax do you use to make a .
It's very tempting to want to use essential oils in soy candles as a way to make your. when I burn a beautiful smelling candle or wax melt that uses fragrance oil.
ALL NATURAL SOY CANDLE: Did you know that research done by the Environmental Protection Agency showed that petroleum based wax emits 100 times .

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